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Seven apps for playful cats

This free but ad-supported app features a variety of cute critters for your furry friend to chase, including scurrying mice and hopping bugs. The faster the creature is moving when your cat hits it, the higher the score. What better way to test those As with most cat games, Crazy Cat works best on the wider screen of a tablet.

And if you have a Bluetooth enabled phone as well, you can even control the motion of the critters, making this game fun for both you and your pet. This unique iPad app combines chase-a-mouse gameplay with splatters of paint, so not only does your cat get to have some fun, but you get funky splatter art as a bonus. Once your feline is finished batting the rainbow-colored mouse around the screen, you have the option to save and share the finished piece to your photo album, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, and even print it. My test subject went wild over the mouse, no doubt because he heard a satisfying squeak after each attack.

The downside: The gentle ripples of the water will lull your kitty into a trance, or you can add fish or buzzing dragonflies to drive her into attack mode.

CAT GAMES - Catching White Mice! Video for Cats to Watch.

You can raise, feed, and play with the koi in the pond. The title says it all: The only issue i have is that even though i paid for this app and downloaded it on several devices, it keeps asking me to repurchase it. That needs to be fixed. I would give this five stars if it allowed me to download the unlocked version without having to pay for it again. Mouse for Cats seller: What hapened?

Did you decide to make the sound a feature that people now have to perchase? They actually come and ask for the iPad. Now I have to share the iPad. I got a tablet for her and it keeps her entertained for hours!

Mouse for Cats

If I touch my iPad, Harley the cat gets excited and gets ready to play When he started playing he kept biting my ipad. When the mouse ran off the screen he walked away. Hamman This is really an amazing and super well thought out game for cats but it has taken over my life. I can no longer work in peace because as soon as I pick up my iPad pro my cat wont leave me alone until she has at least played 30 minutes of this game. She has figured out how to close my apps now.

Her understanding of electronic devices has surpassed all expectations. I now need to sit at my desktop computer and work and can no longer enjoy a lazy day in bed working. Thank you for making my cat happy and ruining my life. Oh oh! Now I have to buy my kittens their own iPad for Christmas! Their webpage doesn't have any info either. My big guy enjoys it regardless.

Now he's napping from hard a morning of hunting. Knocked my phone off the table a few times though: Please add! He spends hours playing!

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But he always ends up hitting something and going out of the game! Please add a app lock so the cats can't exit the game without the human doing it!!! Hij probeerde al mijn iPad te slopen om die muis te pakken te krijgen. Hij probeert inmiddels ook zelf het spel aan te zetten.

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Staat als een geroutineerde gebruiker op het scherm te tikken. Op een dag gaat hen dat lukken denk ik. Toen ik op start gedrukt heb, gelijk op de grond gezet en aan mijn katten gegeven! Ze zijn er weg van, hun highscore zijn 23! Heel erg bedankt voor dit leuke, gratis katten spelletje!

Echt een aanrader! And the sound is really quite unrealistic aswel.. Best for cats: LOL Endless fun!

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  • Best cat toy in the App Store. Well worth it! He sits and watches it for ages. Now they follow the iPad around the house, staring at it until I set it up for them. They actually take it turns to play.


    Great fun for you and your cat!! He has great fun with it! Overall a great game! Don't pay! Doesn't work!! I have purchased all features upgrade but do not have any sounds. I have requested app help but no ticket number given to track progress. I have tried to write this review for the 3rd time as other attempts disappear when message that nickname is taken and you cannot sent without one! Screen protector recommended! Freaked my cat out! I put it on my iPad and showed my big alpha male cat. I know nothing about the feline ophthalmological realities of this plan.

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    Mouse for Cats - free iPad/Android game for cats | Official WebSite

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