Iphone 5 lte vs 3g battery life

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How to Test For iPhone battery drain

Has anyone else come across this? Joined Oct 19, Messages 11, Yes this is something that mybb should be investigating.

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The battery gets drained by the cell radio no doubt. Randux Expert Member Jun 19, Joined May 7, Messages 3, I've experienced battery drainage issues for a couple of years now. I'm within coverage, getting between 3 to 5 bars of signal. Joined Dec 13, Messages Same experience for me, much better battery life on 3G.

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Even when I'm connected to wifi most of the day. Joined Apr 8, Messages 1, I have the same on my Galaxy S8. I forced roaming to MTN and the battery is much better. Something is not right with Telkom's network.

Joined Jul 13, Messages 8, Wouldn't using 3g or Lte and no WiFi use the least battery power, WiFi would only use less power if you first put the device into flight mode? D tj Senior Member Jun 20, Joined Jul 8, Messages I recently ported to Telkom and now dead each morning. Telkom seems to have issues, yet signal where I am seems ok. Would be good if MyBB investigated this. Thought it was something on the phone but in all honestly all that changed was the move to telkom mobile. Joined Oct 1, Messages 45, It now works as a hotspot with a Vodacom SIM, lasts over 3 days now on one charge.

Joined Nov 2, Messages 3, By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. When disabled, my phone reverts to 4G, as indicated by the icon in the status bar. I've read elsewhere that using 3G causes greater battery drain than 4G in fact, Apple's own iPhone 5s spec sheet indicates that you only get 8 hours of 3G data, versus 10 hours of 4G LTE data.

Which leads me to the following line of thought The signal strength where you are located probably has more impact than this setting.


iPhone 5 battery drain linked to LTE - Apple Community

Early LTE phones apparently sucked a lot of power even when idle, but with newer phones this seems to have been improved, e. So you can try both settings and see which works better for you, but I wouldn't expect a huge power savings.

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I have discovered that disabling LTE on my iPhone allows my phone to receive a much stronger signal 4 bars vs 1 in most parts of Manhattan. With my iPhone 6S, and now living in the city, it really doesn't make much of a difference.

The iPhone 5 Review

I still keep it off though because the cellular data speeds where I live don't seem to be high enough to saturate 3G speeds. However, in my own experience, it doesn't seem to drain the battery on my phone that much faster. Just thought I'd share that. I'm not sure about the iphone 5, but the newer models of phones have better battery life when on LTE due to the advances in technology ie.

LTE also has lower latency and higher transfer speeds. Thus, the radio will start and stop faster enabling the phone to go back into a lower power state quicker than 3G.

The Sydney Morning Herald

I did a quick search on the Apple website and found the spec sheet for the 5s. Interestingly, if you scroll down to the battery life section, it says the phone will last 10 hours on LTE vs. From my personal experience, I have not noticed much difference in battery life between using LTE on public mobile vs.